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Advantages of AngularJS Web Development

It is a framework and platform written in TypeScript, used to build a client application using HTML and TypeScript to build applications that have many feature modules. Angular application is defined by a set of NgModules, which provide a compilation context of components and collect related code in functional sets. Angular application always has at least a root module and root component that enables Bootstrapping. NgModules can import functionality from other NgModules, this technique lets you take advantage of lazy loading. Every Angular app has at least one NgModules class, the rot module, conventionally named AppModule. NgModuleis a decorator function that takes a single metadata object whose properties describe the module.

Two-Way Binding Feature

AngularJS allows for an immediate synchronization between the view and the model. If any data is altered in the model, it reflects in the view. When changes are made in the view data, the model is revised accordingly. 

Easy to Learn

People with knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS can easily learn AngularJS. Learning AngularJS opens-up more opportunities for developers in the Web Development industry. There are many free courses and AngularJS tutorials available online.

Supports SPA features

The main motive for developing single-page applications is a faster website transition. The website will function and appear like a native app. A website will communicate with the web browser by dynamically replacing the existing web page with new Web server data.

Declarative UI

The AngularJS framework creates templates using HTML. It is a declarative language popularly used because of its scalability and innate intuitiveness. Templates include AngularJS specific elements and attributes such as filters, directives such as ng-app, ng-repeat, ng-model, form controls and so on.

Supported by Google

The AngularJS framework is utilized by Google for its own applications. Google’s skilled team of Engineers come up with new improvements in the AngularJS framework. Many developers prefer AngularJS. The language has gained credibility due to Google’s backing.

Real-Time Testing

Easily test your web app using the AngularJS framework. AngularJS allows for both end-to-end and unit testing. Testing features offered by AngularJS, such as dependency injection, oversee how the components of your web application are generated. Additionally, testing features show how to resolve their dependencies. 

What Clients Say About Us

Aside from high-quality developers and designers, what really made the difference working with ‘Codified Web Solutions’ was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered a new website exactly on deadline and on budget – what more can you ask for in a Web development team?!
Bushra Ahsany
CEO, Pranklin Agency