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Ecommerce solutions we offer:

We provide a complete solution for your online business. Boost your online earnings with us and attract more visitors, increase conversion by attracting potential customers. Have a look at few of the features that E-commerce website could add to your business:


Multi Devices Pathway

Django Framework


Unliminted Customization

Most Secured Payment Gateway


Why e-commerce? & Why choose Codified?

The online business agility, depends on consumer expectations and changing technologies in the world of e-commerce. Our team understands the role of consumer behaviour and how generations shop these days! To systematically optimize your e-business and user experience. E-commerce solutions that we provide are tailored to your business and customized, keeping in view the changing e-commerce needs. Turn your products into cash by optimizing digital experience that supports your brand personality too. With a vision of ranking your business top among search engines one day, we knock on market opportunities, carefully study target audience & growth potential, establishing an appropriate business workflow in enhancing digital experience of a user through strategy.

Order and inventory management

Codified Order & Inventory management system allows you to get alerts for products low in stock and manage multiple warehouses plus listing of the products on the business website.

Third Party Integration

Almost all Web Development projects require third party integration/application system, provided, enhanced virtual experience of a user. We at Codified believe in systematically optimizing user experience for electronic commerce of your business online.

Live Chat

Never loose a potential customer with Live Chat feature, and get a high conversion rate. Enabling chatbots with commonly asked E-commerce questions would keep a user engaged. Enabling you to monitor customer behaviour in Google analytics and track the source of traffic, increasing visitors in long run.

E-commerce API Integrations

Increase the reach of your store to affliate marketing and Mobile Application performance with E-commerce integration and development of API.

E-commerce Migration Platform

Are you facing operational difficulties, with your existing E-commerce platform? A better platform is waiting for you, right here at Codified’s website for making things right. Or, let us do the job!

One-Page Checkout

Never let your customers go round when all that’s left is checkout. This is one of those pity things that enhances overall user experience. We have enabled websites with one-page checkout feature which will never let website drop single customer when the conversion is sure.

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