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Advantages of NodeJS Development Solutions

Node JS is the latest in the long line of programming languages, API’s and Toolkits. A web application framework built on Google’s Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. It lands squarely in the tradition of Rails, Ajax and Hadoop, and even to some degree iPhone programming and HTML5. Go to a big technical conference and you will find a few talks on Node JS, although most will fly over the head of a usual programmer. Node is concerned with network programming and server-side request/response processing. Node is like most of the technologies that are new to the masses but old hat to the experienced few. Node is intended to to be used for running standalone JavaScript programs. It’s a file sitting on a file system, executed by the Node program. Node runs JavaScript but it isn’t JavaScript, for everyone who thinks that JavaScript is a poor language to write server-side tools, they’re half-right. JavaScript is not equipped to deal with operating system-level sockets and network connectivity. But Node is not written in JavaScript, butin C. A language perfectly capable of doing the grunt work and heavy lifting required for networking. JavaScript is perfectly capable of sending instructions to a C program that can be carried out in the dungeons of your OS. In fact JavaScript is far more accessible than C to most programmers. The primary usage of Node further reflects that Node isn’t itself JavaScript, but you run it from the command line.

Asynchronous and Event Driven

All APIs of Node JS library are asynchronous and non-blocking. It essentially means a Node JS based server never waits for an API to return data. Server moves to the next API after calling it and a notification mechanism of events of Node JS helps the server to get response from the previous API call.

Single Threaded but Highly Scalable

It uses a single threaded model with Event Looping Mechanism which helps the server to respond in a non-blocking way and makes the server highly scalable as opposed to traditional servers which create limited threads to handle requests.


Piping is a mechanism to connect one stream’s output to another. It is normally used to get data from one stream and to pass output of that stream to another. There is no limit on piping operations Consider the example where you read test.txt using ReaderStream and write test1.txt using writerStream. 

Event Loop

A single threaded application but it supports concurrency via concept of event and callbacks. As every API of Node is asynchronous and being a single thread, it uses async function calls to maintain the concurrency. It uses an observer pattern. 

The Setinterval Function

It is a global function used to run callback repeatedly after at least milliseconds. The actual delay depends on external factors like OS timer granularity and system load. A timer cannot span more than 24.8 days. 

The V8 Engine

V8  is Google’s open source high-performance JavaScript engine, written in C++ and used in Google Chrome, the open source browser from Google and in Node JS. It implements ECMA-262, and runs on Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.5+, Linux systems that use IA-32, ARM, or MIPS processors.

What Clients Say About Us

Aside from high-quality developers and designers, what really made the difference working with ‘Codified Web Solutions’ was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered a new website exactly on deadline and on budget – what more can you ask for in a Web development team?!
Bushra Ahsany
CEO, Pranklin Agency