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Our experience shows that business owners focusing on bringing the most value in the least time usually prefer cross-platform apps.

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Advantages of React Native Web Development

We’re always looking for shorter development cycles, quicker time to deployment, and better app performance. And There are so many hybrid mobile frameworks such as NativeScript, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap etc. I’ll be focusing more on React Native. React Native is a framework developed by Facebook for creating native-style apps for iOS & Android under one common language, JavaScript. Initially, Facebook only developed React Native to support iOS. However with its recent support of the Android operating system, the library can now render mobile UIs for both platforms. Whenever there is an update for apps written in Swift/Objective-C or Java, the whole app needs to be recompiled and a new version has to be distributed to the App Store again. All this can take a few weeks depending on the App Store review process.

Seamless Cross-Platform

React components wrap existing native code and interact with native APIs via React’s declarative UI paradigm and JavaScript. This enables native app development for whole new teams of developers, and can let existing native teams work much faster.

Fast Refresh

See your changes as soon as you save. With the power of JavaScript, React Native lets you iterate at lightning speed. No more waiting for native builds to finish. Save, see, repeat.


In terms of community, the React Native framework is backed by the strongest community support in the cross-platform mobile app development industry. ReactJS was started in 2013 and because of its features, it received global popularity.

Third Party Intergration

The React Native platform requires minimal time for developing extensive web applications. The overall development time in this framework is considerably short and it also supports third-party library integration. 

Live Reload

This feature has enabled mobile application development companies to stretch the utility of the React Native framework. The Live Reload feature of this framework offers two screens to the developers, one to modify or change the code and the other to see those changes.

Open Source

React Native is an open-source Android or iPhone app development service providing platform. It supports effortless app development and developers can easily fix potential bugs or errors. This framework is laced with numerous tools and workarounds.

What Clients Say About Us

Aside from high-quality developers and designers, what really made the difference working with ‘Codified Web Solutions’ was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered a new website exactly on deadline and on budget – what more can you ask for in a Web development team?!
Bushra Ahsany
CEO, Pranklin Agency