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We provide you with seasoned and specialized Reactjs developers that have the right skills and talent for developing your ReactJS project and driving it to successful completion.

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Advantages of ReactJS Web Development

React is an open source frontend JavaScript library which is used for building user interfaces especially for single page applications. It is used for handling view layers for Web and mobile apps. React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for facebook. React was first deployed on facebook’s news feed in 2011 and Instagram in 2012. One of the main features of React JS is Virtual DOM, the VDOM is an in-memory representation of real DOM. The representation of UI (User Interface) is kept in memory and synced with real DOM. It’s a step that happens between the render function. The Virtual DOM works in three simple steps. Whenever any underlying data changes, the entire UI is re-rendered in Virtual DOM representation, then the difference between the previous DOM and the new one is calculated, after the calculations are done the real DOM will be updated with only the things that have actually changed. When several components need to share the same changing data then it is recommended to lift the shared state up to their closest common ancestor.

React Fiber

It is the new reconciliation engine or reimplementation of core algorithms in react V16. The goal of React Fiber is to increase its suitability for areas like Animation, Layout, Gesture, ability to pause, abort or reuse work and assign priority to different types of updates and new concurrency primitives.

React DOM

The React team worked on extracting all DOM-related features into a separate library called ReactDOM. React V0.14 is the first release in which the libraries are split. By looking at some of the packages, React-Native, React-Art, React-Canvas and React-Three. 


A predictable state container for JavaScript apps based on the Flux design pattern. Redux can be used together with React, or with any other view library. It is as tiny as 2KB, and has no dependencies. The state of your whole application is stored in an object tree within a single store. 

Render Hijacking

The concept of Rende Hijacking is the ability to control what the component will output from another component. It actually means that you decorate your component by wrapping it into a Higher-Order component. By wrapping you can inject additional props or make other changes.

The React Router V4

In V4 the API is completely about components. A router can be visualized as a single component() which wraps specific child router components(). You don’t need to manually set history. The router module will take care history by wrapping routes with components.

Redux Saga

Saga is like a separate thread in your application, that’s solely responsible for side effects. Redux-Saga is a REdux middleware, which means this thread can be started, paused and cancelled from the main application with normal Redux actions, it has access to the full Redux application state and it can dispatch REdux actions as well.

What Clients Say About Us

Aside from high-quality developers and designers, what really made the difference working with ‘Codified Web Solutions’ was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered a new website exactly on deadline and on budget – what more can you ask for in a Web development team?!
Bushra Ahsany
CEO, Pranklin Agency
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