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We are very fortunate to witness the birth of the Internet, and it has evolved with the development of the Internet since the 1990s. Back then it was just a hobby for us and it is developing now. When we entered the company’s first major market in 1996, our biggest hurdle was not convincing potential clients that we were individuals in the job. Conversely, the Internet will continue to exist, and the existence of a network is not just a fad, but a step toward some future work that can promote business growth through the use of databases. Since that day, many people have firmly believed that the Internet matters in the end, and we have developed thousands of websites for above 500 companies, government agencies and many industries – including real estate, for startups and international venture capital firms There is an opportunity to create a solution. Banking, entertainment, medical care, broadcasting, automobiles, hotels, spas, agriculture, nonprofits and food and wine events. We have developed web solutions for retail, wholesale, charitable and even political activities. We have established hotel reservation systems, management and sales systems, custom ecosystems and back-end event management systems, which are all web based platforms. This is the path we have taken since 2008. We are innovators – some people call us geeks, but we are happy with it, but ultimately we are people whose businesses rely on the biggest and small programming skills to come up with solutions where they want them.


A real estate website based on Codified Web Solutions database is a great way to maximize performance and sell your listings online. Codified Web Solutions has many years of experience in providing comprehensive web solutions for real estate agents and brokers. We are providers of Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feeds provided by MLS Listing, Inc. that provide fully integrated MLS data for the real estate industry. With IDX feeds, your real estate website can generate more possibilities by being able to see and search all through local MLS real estate listings. In addition, IDX data can be set to automatically add a separate section with extended attribute lists. This will save you time before adding your advanced content (such as better photos and more detailed information). Here are some features:

  1. PDF generation for property flyers and open houses.
  2. Automatic Newsletters.
  3. A separate portal for agents and brokers.
  4. Easy-peroperty-locator design and layout.


We have established hotel websites, online booking systems and even multi-specialty web applications, and we enable cross-specialty marketing, content delivery and content management systems (CMS) tools to serve hotel chain customers. Manage all content! We develop Bespoke solutions from the ground up to meet the needs of each customer. Each of our customers works differently. We focus on your brand and program the most integrated and reliable website platform. Our online solutions for individual hotel properties, hotel companies and hotel chains are based on an easy-to-find machine infrastructure integrated into Google Analytics and combine campaigns and goals to enhance your online success and achieve results. Our goal is always to develop high-performing website solutions to meet customer expectations. Here are some features:

  1. Property specific user interface and layout.
  2. Fully customized online reservation system.
  3. Integhrated thrid-party reservation system.
  4. Back-end management system.


We develop e-commerce solutions from the ground up, paying attention to how each of our client’s businesses work. We will interact with you to set your online goals and then build a reliable web platform for your online business. We strive to bring ease of use and functionality to customers, and this is all in your area of ​​focus. Our online business solution is based on a search engine friendly infrastructure integrated into Google Analytics and incorporates campaigns and goals to increase online success rates and improve results. Our mission is to develop fully integrated complete solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations and clients. Here are some features:

  1. Real time payment gateways.
  2. Fully secured online checkout and custom shopping cart.
  3. Customized wishlist creation and order for someone.
  4. Integrated import/export files for third party accounting system.


Our experts know how to gain the trust of travelers through professional travel websites. We can create your travel website with beautiful designs, attracting attention, compelling content, most secured payment methods, convenient booking solutions and cancellation functionality, comments, rating and reviews, search filters, maps and more. The travel website we have created has a good record and can help sell more trips and activities to many customers. Our approach focuses on creating a unique website that communicates your brand message and positions you as a market leader. Our highly coded travel website ensures the best UX and SEO performance. Here are some features:

  1. Integrated booking calendar.
  2. Travel Search Engine (Dedicated to website).
  3. A marketplace for travel activities.
  4. Multi-language website.











A rare touch of philosophy

It is rare to find a touch of Philosophy with what you do in modern times. Though we belong to a type of industry that makes this fact humorous, we’ve established our mindset in such a way that our work speaks so we know what we are doing. Life throws challenges all the time to test your might, yet, isn’t it the curiosity that leads us further. We have a quote to which we often ponder.
“What we do in life, Echoes till eternity”

Responsive Design Web Development,like never before!

Codified Web Solutions offers state-of-the-art development services including bespoke website design and HTML5-based coding, along with its responsive design platform specifically for a variety of screens, including cell phones / smartphones and tablets. Responsive design makes your website fast and computer a traditional browser, as well as websites and mobile sites are optimized for any device one-stop service! Promote your website’s impact on tablet and mobile viewers Traditionally, users have been redirected to device-specific sites (or traditional sites have been rendered in a “zoomed” view on tablets and mobile devices). Now the site has been implemented for all types of devices.

  • Improve conversion rates, search results, and sales
  • A consistent user experience positively impacts conversion rates and organic search results. Responsive design removes many old contradictions of mobile websites.
  • Integrated Analysis and Reporting
  • A single response site means that users no longer need to track between device types separately.
  • Tools such as Google Analytics are now optimized to handle multiple devices and respond to reports.

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CEO, Pranklin Agency
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