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Are you fed up with small website problems very frequently?
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Managing a website is a great deal, we understand it takes effort to take out time and engage with customers on a daily basis. So, we will maintain your website in a way that will improve your websites overall traffic and user experience in focus to improve ranking on Google and authority over other domains because eventually only those websites are listed in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) which contain fresh and relevant content (keeping in view the reader or browser experience).

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Do you have a website that is no longer working because of certain errors and now you think that hiring someone for repair isn’t worth the cost. Wait a minute! Do you also think that you no longer need a website (because the business is running either too good or too bad)? We’ll show you how a website could affect your business. With in depth report of websites overall performance and awareness Daily, Weekly or Monthly. No matter what kind of website you own or intend to make, we manage all. In need of generating more revenue and market, companies went online and many had to shut because of the pandemic. But we thrived, to delve deep into the situation we did our research on COVID-19 – E-Commerce – Business, to know what solutions could we possibly offer. There were many websites shut in 2020 (list of websites in 2020 that no longer operates), it is a fiasco. We discovered that we could have handled 90% of the websites (just imagine the number!) without any trouble, and 10% of them were cause of judicial issue or jeopardy. We realized the scope we had in terms of maintenance and optimization over World Wide Web and we have our hands open for every category.

Art & Design

“If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery. It wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all”                                                                                                                      ― Michelangelo

We think everyone who can control the audience with a specific skill is an artist. Are you one?  The most important thing for an artist is to reach his audience that would appreciate and admire the art. We help you as an artist to reach your goal because we believe, everyone is an artist busy in crafting their own life!

| Paintings – Interior Design –  Performing arts – Magician – Ancient Pottery – Architecture – Fashion Designing – Musician – Author – Graphic Designer |

And many more unique websites based on crazy ideas. Covering every branch of art and design, we have themed websites depending on your skill.


We all go down memory lane often. Remember those times when learning something online was not in trend and how mommy used to scold us every time for picking up the phone and giving us vague reasons for not to keep our head inside the screen. And here we are now, keeping Covid-19 in consideration 2020 has changed the structure of the education system, making Education online. I think you know what it means, It means an increased market for what we do. Education websites are complicated in their own way depending on the way you want us to design the structure. Scheduling online class with an alert to, making all the study material available online, with a separate mobile application and traffic control features. Educational websites need the most of daily website maintenance and it has to be equally optimized for a smartphone and PC.

Food & Drink

Has it ever been your dream to own a restaurant? Well, let’s say an online restaurant. I’m sure you are aware of the term “Dreams become reality”. We don’t know about your personnel life but let’s say that you used to own a dream of opening a restaurant but you had to give it up because of complications. We say forget about a physical restaurant, How about a virtual one? Give it a try, it will be more effective and efficient for the time being and you could operate as a freelancer, later on, if you notice any growth you could give that idea a thought. We have budget-friendly websites starting at just $299 only.


Aah! Traveling. There are only a few things in this world that generate more fascination than traveling. If you know what I mean, one of the most visited websites categories in 2020 was travel and tourism. Now, you probably are wondering what made this possible? when the travel and tourism industry was affected most during the pandemic. It was this time when the world was shut, economies were going down and we all had nothing to do rather than just exist. Those who have an interest in traveling, like me! They know what it feels when you want to travel but you cannot and the more you discover new places, the more urge for morbid fascination arises, you realize that you have spent the whole day over one website. That is how we measure the potential of anything, from its root cause. Travel websites are supposed to arouse the feeling of travel because of the way information is displayed on the website. Get a quote from us and see yourself how beautiful our created websites are.


If you are a techie, you’d probably know that technology is playing the most important role in human evolution and humanity to reach Next Level Civilizations (Read more about Levels of Civilization) and it’d still be just an example of where we could reach. I do not think that a brief introduction to technological point of view, of what we do is necessary. To make you understand why a company associated with technology is required to manage its online presence, there are countless points to mention, as to why technology itself needs awareness.
| Web Developer – Website Design – Content Writing & Development – SEO – Crawling – Indexing – Broken Links Repair – Server Errors – Anchor Text – Alt Images – Backlinks |

Online Store

Opening an online store was never so easy, we have Websites starting at $299 only. Creating an e-commerce website is a task because one has to keep in mind multiple factors while developing and designing the content and structure. Although the ranking of a website could be improved at any-time, segregation of fresh and relevant data by any search engine and aligning it accordingly to improve traffic and online-market-competition is a long process that could take up to a couple of months to a year (depending on your websites current performance & structure). But meanwhile updating fresh content that’s trending will give a boost. 

| Payment Gateway – Daily Maintenance – Mobile Application – Product Descriptions – Page Errors – E-commerce – Link Juice – Mentions – Customer Interaction through Social Media – Website Audit – Product Page Meta Descriptions |


From planning an event to becoming an event organizer there is a lot of work to create an audience for a temporary event, lasting for a day, week, or months. Creating a webpage page for a temporary event to, building a website for an event that happens once a year. We focus on reaching the targeted audience and take care of all the social media links whether on-site or off-site, we’ll handle all your social media profiles and optimize them accordingly to meet the desired audience.
| Concert – Celebrity Interaction – DJ Night – Festival Celebration – Press conference – Meeting – Marriage – Party – Tour |

Health & Fitness

Don’t feel like working out today? Never mind! We’ll design a website in such a way that it will automatically send you alerts to follow small activities the whole day to cover up the workout you skipped. These are very small features comparatively with the ones that we have in mind and think we could design. App to track everything you do all day with a fascinating interface, lag less experience and, many more innovative ideas to keep a user intact. One basic thing about keeping any user intact to what you have created is to understand their Subconscious mind (Know more on Subcoscious Mind).


Take us, for example! We are a part of the service industry. The center of focus for the service industry is to gain traffic and establish as many links as possible. For anyone to access the service you have to create interaction and the only way to reach the global market is the internet. Recently a small business owner from a village in South, India (Asia), helped a family in British Columbia, Canada (North America) online, through Herb Therapy as their daughter was having a weird illness that doctors couldn’t fathom. Wonder, how being online is helping this world to be a better place. And guess what?! There was no money involved. It was only the service and its awareness. That’s what we call the change for a better world. Imagine how small things contribute and if we get to become a part, we’re overwhelmed to business with you. (Know more about our Service & Ethics)

A rare touch of philosophy

It is rare to find a touch of Philosophy with what you do in modern times. Though we belong to a type of industry that makes this fact humorous, we’ve established our mindset in such a way that our work speaks so we know what we are doing. Life throws challenges all the time to test your might, yet, isn’t it the curiosity that leads us further. We have a quote to which we often ponder.
“What we do in life, Echoes till eternity”

We give our best in every field!
you don’t have to be a techie to be a photographer.

Websites that we design are immersive and would make you wonder the beauty. You have to agree with the fact that “A Fish can’t fly”. Likewise, there is no point in making a medical website with features and beauty needed for a Travel or a Photography website. Psychologists have discovered color combinations that could trigger specific human behavior and cure Epilepsy (know more about Epilepsy and Cognitive Behavior through color combinations). We keep in view this perspective to create Photography, Art & Design, and Travel websites to make the user experience as realistic as possible. So you don’t have to worry if people get inspired or not, leave this work for a techie!


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