Introducing: “DJANGO

It is very important to choose a Web Development Framework. There are several settings out there, and each framework is designed to meet different project needs. For many businesses and independent projects, the Django Framework is an easy choice – it is one of the most popular Web Development tools. but why? What is the purpose of Django? What is the project? Let’s find out what Django is, and why so many developers around the world are using Django – and how to do it. Just like a compelling piece of art is this movie by Quentin Tarantino. DJango: Unchained. But we aren’t talking movies here, let’s jump onto the framework.


The Web Framework

Django is an Open Source Framework for back-end web applications based on Python (one of the best web development languages). The main goals are simplicity, flexibility, reliability, and scalability. Django has its own naming system for all functions and components (for example, HTTP responses are called “views”). It also has a management panel that is considered easier to use than Lavarel or Yii, and includes other technical features.



This is an interesting fact that Django originally supported the newspaper publisher Lawrence Journal-World’s web application. You can expect to do well on large amounts of text content, media files, and high-volume projects, or it can work like a web-based magazine.

However, the publishing industry is not the only sector in which the framework can be used. Django is also used to create ecommerce websites, as well as for health and finance applications, Social Media Websites, etc. for transportation and reservation. There are several types of projects that you can develop using the framework:

  • A financial platform with the task of analysing and calculating predictable results based on personal data, risk tolerance, and ability to achieve goals
  • A platform to promote communication between businesses and consumers;
  • A forum that deals with legal issues (such as checking mortgage terms or lease status).


Django is used by:

NASA: They use Django for some functional elements that require the highest level of reliability. For example, their website is not as popular as Instagram, but it processes high-resolution images with an average of 2 million page views per month.


Instagram: Another popular social network that handles large amounts of media data and user interactions. Django enables features that allow web applications to run by adding new functionality and quickly fixing problems.


Pinterest: The platform has over 250 million active users per month and handles large amounts of media data, but retains its user-friendly interface. With the open source framework, developers can customise it to their needs.


Reddit: What was the first social news and discussion website? For many people, it is the Reddit web content platform where people can ask questions, share opinions and promote posts based on a rating system. Reddit relies on several features of Django, such as: B. Provision of a large number of user data.



Django is a significant addition to projects that require large amounts of content (such as media files), user interaction, heavy traffic, or handling complex functions or technology (eg- machine learning). However, for small projects or when you want to extend the project to a higher level, it is quite easy. This is why many companies of different sizes and purposes use Django.


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