What are we?

Dear reader,

If you are reading this blog then you have probably gone through many websites, articles, blogs already and you finally landed on the right page you were looking for.

Codified Web Solutions deal in many fields of e-commerce solutions. The impact of lockdown on e-commerce business is crucial in shaping operations and business models. Markets since lockdown have crashed, doomed, and thrived, depending on the area of operations. We are focused for more than a decade now on providing you the best in Website Design and Management, Developing Mobile Applications, and Web Development. We have worked on various challenging projects in the last one year ranging from the survival of businesses and strategies for improving operations to developing an application for a business that has no deal in the e-commerce sector but they are choosing the path as the current situation demands and it was our responsibility to provide them with exactly what they want. Keeping in view the survival of business in the long term with a noticeable increase in revenue.

There are various companies providing e-commerce solutions out there and we are sure that they deal with a specialization in a specific sector while working on multiple tasks resulting in online and offline operations is an opportunity to prove your mettle. We believe to be one of the top companies for mobile applications around the globe very soon.

With the successful completion of more than 1,000 projects, we imparted our knowledge and experience in building platforms, applications, websites, and software that will increase the quality of our work with being as much efficient as possible. We work with Woo-commerce-like platforms to provide business solutions for every type of company whether small or big making sure that our solutions are not only meant for a particular category of businesses. At a time when everyone is worried about the survival of their business, we are focused on developing innovative ideas, apps, software for online business, that are surprisingly fast and easily manageable. We have technology stacked up for you with a user-focused process and smooth communication. And we are sure you will not get anywhere the quality of code that we use.

NodeJs, ReactJs, AngularJs are some examples of creating ultra-fast User Interface(UI) that looks like another world. We have been continuously working pre and post-Covid to install and collaborate with new ideas. Platforms to improve our quality of service and engaging regularly on social media with our customers to take in suggestions, after all, it is only you who matters for us.

Please check us out and get in touch with us. We welcome all the innovative ideas and suggestions.