Maintaining a website is just as important as the original website design, especially for a WordPress website. By supporting and maintaining your website, as well as the growth and success of your business, we can add more value to your business.

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Why Website Maintenance is important?

Has your website ever been hacked? Have you been bombarded by spam forms or spam blog comments? How do I deal with the expiry of a domain or a technical error in the SSL certificate? Many new business owners shared their nightmare stories with us. You don’t have to worry about constantly checking your website to make sure it is still working properly. The website maintenance plan performs regular daily / weekly / monthly security checks of your website and creates regular backups of pages and files. The WordPress platform in particular is constantly being updated and the plug-in is constantly being updated on its own schedule. Failure to understand this can lead to content issues, security breaches, and potential opportunities for hackers. We encourage all WordPress website owners to register for the website maintenance package.


Website maintenance is a must for WordPress websites of any size. You can do this yourself, but we only recommend it if you are a web developer or have in-house developers on your team.


If you have a large ecommerce website, website maintenance includes more frequent updates to content, custom code, and updates to customer data or product databases.


We’re experts at website maintenance, and we maintain dozens of websites each month. You hire a team of experts who are responsible for day-to-day maintenance.


Commercial websites used to market your business may have fewer monthly content revisions, so maintenance costs for website security, backups, and page speed checks are lower.


Your monthly website maintenance plan reflects the needs of your business. Knowing that all of your website needs are in your hands, you can rest assured.


The company is expected to have an up-to-date, professional looking website. If you don’t, your customers will move elsewhere. Maintaining the website is key to your branding.


We’ll help you determine the best website maintenance package based on the size, type and purpose of your website and the amount of custom website content.


SEO is about ranking your personal pages. You can attract new potential customers to your website. When your website malfunctions, gets hacked, has technical issues, or slow page load speeds, your SEO and your business are affected.

Codified Web Solutions

Website Backups

You can either tear out your hair when a disaster strikes your hard drive or you can prepare for it ahead of time, but data loss is as inevitable as death and taxes. An online backup service is one of the best ways to protect yourself against such threats as a crashed hard drive or accidental deletion. Natural disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes can also spell the end of your digital media and documents. Even if you’re among the very few who diligently perform local backups at regular intervals, you could still lose data if you don’t store backups offsite.

Here are some of the features included with our backup plan.

  • Timely scheduled backup
  • Off-site storage
  • Fast restore
  • We receive notifications via email if any of your websites are down
  • Off-site backup stored for 30 days
Codified Web Solutions

Other features include our maintenance plan.

Disaster Recovery and Bulk Data

Some services go above and beyond, including extra capabilities that improve the experience. For example, a few offer disk courier services for bulk uploads and restores via an external drive that the company ships and manages.

Incremental Backups

To keep backups fresh, we only store the latest changes to your website. This ensures you can roll back up to 90 days of history in the event of an issue. Each backup is a complete copy of your website on that day.

Quick & Easy

No matter what you do to secure your website, the risk will never be zero. If your website functionality is damaged, you need a way to recover. Our system ensures you are covered in the event of a critical failure.

Secure Storage

Keep your website backed up on servers operated by our security team. As a company known for website security, we take precautions to ensure that your website files and database are safeguarded in a remote location.

Automatic Schedule

Set the frequency of continuous backups and receive notifications on every successful backup, or only when there is an issue. Rest assured you have a complete backup of your site and schedule them at a time that works for you.


With rapid developments in web technology, information circulation and research discoveries being done, trending websites today might look static, old fashioned and filled with out dated contents in a few weeks or months to come. And how do you solve this? Well if you want to get the best results from your site, then regular website maintenance is important. This allows you easily find errors, broken links, spams, security threats, poor or outdated contents and helps you ensure you are promoting yourself, your brand and your business in a relevant, up to date and dynamic manner in order to boost your digital marketing.


Content is King

The first to do site maintenance task on our list is your website content. It is so important because that is the main reason you have people visiting your website in the first place. Having a poorly written content with lots of errors and bad grammars or contents that were relevant back in the early 80’s is a big negative for your site and will eventually seal up its fate. So stop procrastinating, take a bold step and really update your website contents, add new information, correct or totally remove bad articles and tidy up your site to look and sound good.


Revamp Your Websites Look

Content maybe king but beauty is the queen. And this is important because you have only a few minutes to grab any visitor’s attention once he lands on your homepage. If your website looks bad, disorganized or really old, they is a high probability he will move on without exploring the site or even reading any of those good contents you have taken time to write. So make sure your site does not look and feel unloved and neglected because that’s how your potential customers will treat it. You can easily revamp your website by giving it a new design, uploading better images and making the user experience and visual designs better. The more attention you shower on your site, the better equipped it will be to engage its visitors.


Deal with broken links

Having a dynamic, engaging and good looking website with awesome contents is one thing, but being unable to access these contents because of broken links or wrong redirects is a disaster that can spell doom to the growth of your business. Taking out time to regularly go through all links on your website to ensure everything is working fine is important. However, depending on the size of your site, this might be time consuming and stressful to do manually. So it is advised you look for plugins that offer you a broken website link checking feature.


Check out your Competition

Checking out your competitor’s website or some websites trending on your niche is a way to critique, compare and upgrade your website to be better and stand among the best. Ignoring this maintenance step will see you left behind while you implement wrong marketing strategies that see your hard work not living up to expectations.


Update your Website Security

Owning a website creates a potential for you to get hacked. Monitoring threats and fixing up different preventive measures can protect you from attacks. However, you need to regularly update these security protocols as developers keep on working to make them better and protect you from more recent hack tricks and viruses.

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