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A COMPLETE WEB SOLUTIONS COMPANY! We are a doorway to a successfull online business.

We provide genuine and complete Web Solution services. Grow your business online and take it to the next level by increasing Online Presence. We help you grow from every Business and Marketing perspective. From planning the strategy to it’s implementation, from building your website to taking care of it, we Design and Develop everything that a business need to create a better connection with its audience and have bigger and better Online Presence.


This is the era of ultimate competition, and unless your website has the features to hold the audience, provide them with the relevent content that could control the user scrolling without letting them feel that they are looking at just a beautiful website, and tell the genuinity of services or business at the same time, it’s not a complete website for Codified. Have a look at complete Web Services we provide and decide what you need from us. Or else, Let us decide!


Create professional website for an online store. Beautiful portfolio and website templates, customized for your needs with an award winning web design. Customized gallery, protected pages and premium look. Integrated features with enabled anlytics to monitor your website’s traffic, quiet easily. We adapt best ways to design your website, providing you a complete Website Design Solution.

Mobile applications

Our Mobile Web Application Development team consists of skilled UX Designers, Visual Designers and Software Engineers with extensive expertise in Mobile Web App Development Technology. From requesting an enquiry to building an Mobile Application and it’s market launch. We have gone throungh many agile iterations with our customers.


E commerce is the generic term for buying and selling online. In this customer oriented market, competitive advantage is based on an outstanding customer experience. To help companies suceed, Codified Web Solutions provide E-commerce services that cover the entire lifecycle of e-commerce projects. With our solutions for optimizing the store and overall website experience, we’d lead you on the path to success.

Web Development

We provide a wide range of services including e-commerce websites, full-blown websites, platforms, portals, extranets, intranets, custom software solutions, creation of native and hybrid mobile applications, creativity and gamification, Facebook applications, information centers Huh. Or simply a website that serves as an online portfolio of products to showcase your services.


As your partner, Codified Web Solutions offers your company a bespoke and comprehensive website maintenance plan that enables your company to deliver a fast, secure and seamless online experience. Furthermore, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide turnkey solutions to maximize the performance of your website. The first impression of your company’s website is everything.


Rebranding estabalished Businesses and discovering the brand from the vastness of market. Analysing competitors and hitting the terget auidience. We believe that every brand has a unique communication style and we help them developing a voice for their brand. Creating a complete brand and identity by understanding the customer journey right from the aquisition.



In this web dominated market what plays a crucial role in rendering the data to a user on the other side of the internet and creating a believe that the services you provide is better than the others in market? The Content! So, what is content? Well, something that shows you the value of a product or a service in an intangible way of approach. Everything that you could see and understand is content scattered over the Web.

Today’s market is not only about making customers and their fulfillment. But to understand their mindset and encroach effectively.


The arouse of customer indignation is because most of the companies out there seek no interest in how effective the strategy is on practical grounds. Leaving customer doomed while ignoring their sole dependency on us. We squabble to make our work worth your attention.


We offer not only the services but also self governing ideas that will empower your thought process and we bet that you will ask us for more.


Ever wondered why a Bamboo tree takes five years of consistent watering to just come above the ground? Because it strengthens its roots first. So when it shoot to meters in no time, we know that it’s not going to fall. Ideas that we provide are like roots of a Bamboo tree.




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